Discover the difference our care brings to your home and community.

Angels Without Borders LLC is a home and community personal assistance agency in Texas. We specialize in providing non-skilled services designed to support individuals within their homes, ensuring their comfort and independence. Our array of services is crafted to cater to their specific needs and promote a sense of well-being within their familiar environment.

We are committed to helping you with:


Our trained caregivers assist individuals with bathing, ensuring safety and privacy while providing support based on individual needs. We prioritize a comfortable and dignified experience, ensuring hygiene and well-being.


Our team assists in meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking nutritious meals according to dietary preferences or restrictions. We aim to provide delicious and healthy options that meet specific nutritional needs.


Handling clothing and linen care, our caregivers manage laundry tasks efficiently, ensuring clean and organized items based on individual preferences and requirements.


From light tidying to thorough cleaning, our staff maintains a clean and comfortable living environment, addressing specific areas as per the individual’s preferences.

Grocery Shopping

We provide assistance with creating shopping lists, ensuring essential items are purchased while accommodating dietary needs or preferences, and offering support during the shopping process.

Sitting Services

Our caregivers offer companionship and supervision, engaging in activities, conversation, or hobbies based on the individual’s interests while ensuring safety and comfort.

Companion Services

We focus on building relationships, engaging individuals in meaningful activities, providing emotional support, and alleviating feelings of loneliness or isolation.

Medication Reminders

Our caregivers assist in organizing and reminding individuals to take their medications as prescribed, ensuring adherence to schedules and dosage instructions.

Accompaniment to Medical Appointments

We provide transportation and support during medical visits, ensuring a comforting presence, taking notes if required, and offering assistance as needed.

And More

Our services are tailored to individual needs, offering a wide range of support and assistance beyond these mentioned services. We customize our care plans to ensure comprehensive support and a comfortable lifestyle for our clients.

If you’re enthusiastic to discover more about how we serve you or our dedication, you’ll find comprehensive details here.

Why Choose Angels Without Borders LLC?

We understand the journey you’re undertaking because we’ve walked in your shoes. Our extensive background in home care reflects a commitment to treating your loved ones as if they were part of our own family. Our secret lies in the blend of compassion, love, empathy, and consistent care, whether your loved one needs assistance a few hours a week or around-the-clock support.

Seeking in-home care for a parent or cherished family member can be overwhelming. You might be tired of hearing every agency claim they’re “the best.” We genuinely believe in our capabilities, but we prefer to demonstrate our excellence in action. Our commitment starts with a complimentary in-home care and safety assessment, allowing you to experience firsthand the quality of our services at zero cost. This assessment offers a profound opportunity to acquaint yourself with us as an agency and compassionate individual. It involves our care management team meeting with you, your family members, and, if desired, your loved one, showcasing our dedication and personalized approach to care.

We immerse ourselves in understanding every aspect of your loved one’s life. From their medication schedule and dietary preferences to their daily habits, limitations, and more, we delve into every detail. Our goal is to gather comprehensive information, align our care with your expectations, and strive to surpass them. During our initial assessment, we meticulously identified any challenges, unique needs, strengths, weaknesses, and resources available.

This assessment covers various facets of your loved one’s well-being:

  • Medication administration and dosage
  • Medical history
  • Physical capabilities
  • Cognitive functions
  • Social engagement
  • Home safety evaluation
  • Short- and long-term aspirations
  • Communication preferences and expectations

Our thorough approach ensures tailored care that addresses your loved one’s specific needs and fosters a holistic, supportive environment that meets and exceeds your expectations.

How We Make Your Safety Our Priority?

Our utmost priority is the safety and welfare of both our clients and caregivers; that’s why we adhere to safety protocols outlined by the CDC, OSHA, and state and local health authorities, ensuring the well-being of everyone involved. These protocols encompass temperature screenings, provision of adequate personal protective gear, guidance on regular hand hygiene, adherence to social distancing where applicable, and thorough sanitation of homes. Further procedures may be implemented according to specific state or local regulations.

Each Angels Without Borders LLC location operates independently, assuming responsibility for monitoring and adhering to the safety protocols required in the areas they serve.

What Advantages Our Assessment Offers?

Our evaluation brings an array of advantages, among which the most significant is the reassurance it provides—initiating care for someone who may have devoted a lifetime to caring for you. Some find greater enthusiasm in the cost-effectiveness of home care over assisted living facilities or nursing homes. Many of our clients express immense relief from the peace of mind we offer, coupled with the substantial savings realized through in-home care.

How Does Our Expertise Ease the Discussion of In-Home Care with Aging Parents?

Broaching the topic of in-home care to aging parents can be a delicate matter for many families. Adult children often face challenges in conveying this news to their loved ones. Our team collaborates with you to facilitate the delivery of this message to your parents. With extensive experience, we comprehend the emotional journey an aging individual undergoes when they sense a shift in their independence and perceive external control. Our expertise lies in articulating the appropriate words, explanations, and reasoning to ensure a seamless transition—a further advantage of opting for home care.

How Does Our Compassionate In-Home Care Enhance Lives and Happiness?

In-home care serves as a cost-efficient solution for individuals recovering from a hospital stay or those facing challenges due to functional or cognitive disabilities hindering self-care. Interestingly, patients receiving home care after hospitalization demonstrate reduced readmission rates, a lesser-known advantage compared to assisted living facilities or nursing homes: personalized, one-on-one care instead of one caregiver for multiple patients.

The essence of in-home care lies in reinforcing the support provided by family and friends while preserving your loved one’s dignity, independence, and morale. Coordinating caregiving from a distance? Having a reliable, top-tier home care provider offers reassurance, easing concerns and potentially offering a sense of comfort even during the night.

Our track record speaks volumes about our success. Our commitment to compassionate home care is driven by our genuine passion for enhancing others’ lives. It’s not merely about the tasks performed, like fixing lunch or assisting with grooming—anyone can do that. What sets us apart is the way we do it: with care, sincerity, and connection. Witnessing the happiness, safety, and comfort of your loved one at home brings us immeasurable joy while offering you peace of mind that they’re well-cared for and content.

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